Voter Information

A vote to amend the North Carolina Constitution will be held on May 8, 2012, although early voting will start three weeks before, so you will have time to vote AGAINST.

The only Amendment language that will appear on the ballot will be: “Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.” 

This is only the sixth time since 1971 that a constitutional question has been on a primary ballot.

Important: You will be asked to vote “FOR” or “AGAINST” the Amendment, not “yes” or “no.”

Any registered voter 18 years of age* can vote on the Amendment, regardless of whether Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Unaffiliated. 

Note: State law allows 17-year-olds who will be 18 by the general election to vote in primaries. The amendment will not appear on their ballots.



In the fight against Amendment One, a constitutional amendment which will appear on the May 8, primary ballot that jeopardizes protections for North Carolina families, women and children, there is no shortage of vocal critics. Opponents of the amendment include three of the four largest North Carolina political parties, a Tea Party U.S. Congresswoman, the North Carolina NAACP President, the conservative grandson of the North Carolina Constitution’s principal drafter and hundreds of faith leaders, professional organizations, business leaders and campuses from all across the state. Now some of the state’s most prominent voices can be added to that list of those who will vote against on May 8—every major Democratic candidate for governor and lieutenant governor.

Get Informed

On May 8, you will have the opportunity to vote against Amendment One.

The Amendment is poorly written. It has harmful unintended consequences. 

But one thing is clear:  IT WILL HURT CHILDREN AND FAMILIES.

The amendment reaches into the lives of hundreds of thousands of families across our state.

Coalition Partner List

he Coalition to Protect NC Families is a coalition of organizations dedicated to defeating Amendment One in order to protect ALL North Carolina families. Amendment One would add to our state’s Constitution a ban on legal recognition for all unmarried couples, regardless of sexual orientation, and strip protections already in place for hundreds of thousands of North Carolina citizens. We are an unprecedentedly broad  Coalition comprised of advocacy groups representing LGBT North Carolinians, faith leaders, the disabled community, domestic violence victims, as WELL as corporations, nonprofits, professional associations, congregations, elected officials and individuals across our state, with the single goal of defeating Amendment One and the vast harms it represents for North Carolina families.

Coalition Members
Action NC
All of Us NC
Alliance at UNC Asheville
Appalachian State University College Democrats
Asheville NOW
Beloved Community Center of Greensboro
Campaign for Southern Equality
Campus Pride
Center for Participatory Change
Citizens for Equity in Government
College Democrats of North Carolina
Commitment NC
Community United Church of Christ
Davidson College Gay-Straight Alliance
Democracy North Carolina
Disability Rights North Carolina
Duke Democrats
Duke LGBT Network
Duke Together Against Constitutional Discrimination (Duke Together)
East Carolina College Democrats
East Carolina University Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight Alliance
Epiphany Presbyterian Church
Equality Winston-Salem
Family Equality Council
Guilford Green Foundation
Institute for Southern Studies
LGBT Center of Raleigh
Latin American Coalition
Lillian’s List of NC
Methodist Federation for Social Action-North Carolina Annual Conference
NARAL Pro-Choice NC
National Association of Social Workers NC
National Conference for Community and Justice of the Piedmont Triad, Inc. (NCCJ)
NC NOW – North Carolina National Organization for Women
NC State University GLBT-Community Alliance
North Carolina AIDS Action Network
North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys
North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence
North Carolina Council of Churches
North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition
North Carolina Justice Center
North Carolina Social Justice Project
Pauli Murray Project
People of Faith for Just Relationships
People’s Alliance for American Liberty
PFLAG (National)
PFLAG Alamance
PFLAG Flat Rock/Hendersonville
PFLAG Greensboro
PFLAG Hickory/Catawba Valley
PFLAG Rocky Mount
PFLAG Salisbury-Rowan
PFLAG Triangle
PFLAG Winston-Salem
Planned Parenthood Health Systems
Planned Parenthood of Central NC
Southern Coalition for Social Justice
Stone Circles
The Freedom Center for Social Justice
Triangle Coalition of Reason
Trinity UCC
Umstead United Church of Christ
UNC Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight Alliance
UNC School of the Arts GSSA
Unifour OneStop Collaborative
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greenville, NC
Unity in Greensboro
UUA Standing on the Side of Love Campaign
Vote Against Project
Western North Carolina Citizens Ending Institutional Bigotry
Young Democrats of North Carolina


Amendment One Harms Seniors

Seniors shouldn’t have to choose between legal protections and the pensions they need to live.

A single or widowed senior couple could be forced to marry to keep their legal protections, which would cause them to lose benefits such as pensions, health care, and social security.

Join us in protecting ALL seniors by voting AGAINST Amendment One on May 8th.

Amendment One Harms Families

 The Amendment is poorly written and goes too far.

Marriage for gay and lesbian couples is already banned in our state. But the impact of the amendment is so broad that it snares not only gay and lesbian couples and their children in its legal net, but also any unmarried couple and their children.

Amendment One bans all other legal relationship recognitions—prohibiting North Carolina from ever recognizing civil unions and domestic partnerships. Thousands of North Carolinians rely on these legal protections. Removing these rights creates far-reaching and long-lasting harms for families from all walks of life.

Amendment One would interfere with protections for unmarried couples to visit one another in the hospital and to make emergency medical and financial decisions if one partner is incapacitated.

We must come together as one to protect ALL NC families by voting AGAINST Amendment One on May 8.