Amendment One Harms Children

Amendment One strips legal protections from children.

All of our children deserve the same legal protection.

A child of an unmarried parent could lose their health care and prescription drug coverage, putting the child’s health at risk.

A child could be taken away from a committed parent who has loved them their entire life if something happens to the other parent.

It threatens existing child custody and visitation rights that are designed to protect the best interests of a child.

Join us in protecting ALL NC children by voting AGAINST Amendment One on May 8.

I could no longer offer health insurance to my partner of 16 years or our 9-year-old son. This would apply to all unmarried couples, gay or straight. It would also be used to challenge hospital visitation, wills and powers of attorney. My third-grade son, he needs protection from people…who are trying to take away his health insurance.

– The News & Observer