Amendment One Harms Unmarried Women

Amendment One could take away domestic violence protections for all unmarried women.

The amendment is a dangerous step backward for domestic violence and stalking protection.

Domestic violence protections could only apply to married couples.

In Ohio, where a similar amendment passed, this loophole has allowed convictions to be overturned.

“Ohio voters who approved a constitutional amendment…probably didn’t envision the measure being successfully used as a defense in domestic violence cases.” 

- Cleveland Plain Dealer

This amendment has the power to leave open for question how North Carolina’s domestic violence laws are applied—threatening our state’s victims of domestic violence.

“This [post-amendment] period of uneven application and uncertainty will only mean fewer protections for the already vulnerable as well as an enormous waste of state resources.”

– Professors Maxine Eichner, Barbara Fedders & Holning Lau, UNC School of Law

We must Protect ALL Unmarried Women by voting AGAINST Amendment One