NC Psychoanalytic Society Statement AGAINST Amendment One

“We have never before taken a public stand on a political issue, with profound respect for each individual’s right, and need, to express their own true opinions —  not ours.

But we speak up now AGAINST Amendment One because we understand up-close, in our work talking deeply with good people about their lives, what a devastating impact this proposed amendment to our State Constitution — to ban same-sex marriage — would have on the emotional well-being of many loving, healthy and successful North Carolina families.

Modern psychoanalytic research indicates that these families share the strengths and struggles of all families — and that they are doing quite well. Gender development can proceed healthily for children, intergenerational bonds can strengthen, family values and traditions can grow, love can mature — in equal measure with all families.

We ask North Carolinians to imagine what it would be like for YOU if an essential part of who you are —  your faith, your race, your family’s values — were publicly and officially declared wrong and illicit under our State Constitution by a majority vote of fellow citizens and neighbors. What would you say to your children? What would it be like going back into your workplace, your children’s school, a neighborhood gathering, or a courtroom seeking equal justice under the law?

We believe that if the people of North Carolina can have that kind of understanding and respect for one another, they will vote overwhelmingly and decisively AGAINST Amendment One on May 8.”