Legislative Champion for Amendment One Says He’ll “Vote Against”


In a video distributed by Progress NC from a recent candidates forum, Rep. James Crawford (D – Granville/Vance) admitted he would vote against Amendment One.

Crawford was one of 10 Democrats to vote on the House floor in favor of the measure that put the amendment on the May 8 ballot.

Responding to a constituent angered by his support of the broad constitutional rewrite that could threaten protections for all unmarried couples in the state, Crawford acknowledged he had submitted amendment drafts but he did not favor the version that’s on the ballot.

“I will definitely vote against it because I think it goes too far,” Crawford said.

Crawford was last a primary sponsor of an amendment bill. The language in that bill was much the same as the measure on the May 8 ballot. It read, “Marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.”

In response to Crawford’s earlier comments during the WRAL documentary “The Amendment,” in which he called the amendment “discriminatory,” Alex Miller, campaign co-chair for Protect All NC Families, the coalition effort to defeat Amendment One, points out that Crawford’s comments reflect a significant shift in sentiment and support for the amendment. “Rep. Crawford is seen by many as the leader of the group of conservative Democrats who broke with their party and supported the proposal that put this amendment before the voters. In my opinion the amendment would not have passed without his support,” said Miller. “This is quite simply the most stunning reversal we have seen to date, and further evidence that support for this amendment is crumbling even among those who once endorsed it.”