Winston-Salem Clergy Against Amendment One


As the May 8 primary date nears, North Carolina clergy continue to speak out against Amendment One and the harms it will cause to North Carolina families.

Below is a statement by Winston-Salem clergy:

As Christian clergy from a broad spectrum of denominations, and with differing understandings of marriage, we stand united in opposition to North Carolina’s Amendment One. We oppose the Amendment due to our understanding of a loving God and our conviction that it contradicts our religious principles.   The Amendment is poorly written.  As preachers of the Word, we know the power of language to create reality.  Without changing the reality that same-sex marriage is unrecognized by North Carolina state law, this amendment creates other unintended and unacceptable realities.

The Amendment codifies and enshrines discrimination into our state’s constitution.   When confronted by questions of sexual purity, Jesus regularly expanded the conversation to focus on inclusive community, economic equality, and mercy.   We are all called to do the same.

The Amendment privileges one definition of family at the expense of all others.  Jesus regularly recognized and constructed different ways to be family.  Even on the cross, he spoke into reality an expanding understanding of family, saying, “Woman, behold, your son.”

The Amendment threatens the security of already vulnerable people in our state.  Jesus regularly showed the greatest concern for those to whom he referred as “the least of these.”  If the amendment passes,  “the least of these” in our state will be even more vulnerable, particularly children whose parents aren’t married, women who are in abusive relationships, some senior adults, and those who are sick or near death.